3 Tips to Maintaining Your Aircraft This Winter

3 Tips to Maintaining Your Aircraft This Winter


Maintain the appearance of your aircraft is tough, especially if you keep in cold climate areas like the northeast. The salt air, the cold

harsh conditions, and snow buildup can severely damage your aircarft; especially if kept outdoors on a tie-down. There are some precautionary measures you can take to better maintain your aircraft during these harsh times

1. Hand or Machine Wax the paint: 

This is the most crucial part of maintaining the aircraft’s paint. Machine or hand waxing the paint is recommended every 4-5 months depending on usage. If you keep your aircraft outside on a tie-down I’d suggest every 3-4 months. Waxing the paint keeps it protected from UV rays and prevents oxidation (the cloudy look). It also makes it easier to clean off salt bugs and tar once a protective layer of wax is sealing the top of the paint.


2. Machine Polish the Metal:

Not all aircrafts have exterior metal surfaces, but those that do require regular attention. Aircraft with a metal “spinners” or corporate jets with metal on the leading edges can be polished and protected. Machine polishing the metal with either Skai Metal polish or Nuvite is a great start. Once polished products like Jetstreams “Mirror-Image” removes swirls and provides a protective layer. Metal, like paint, can easily become oxidized and requires continual attention.


3.  Rubber Protection:

Protecting the rubber on the tires is also important during winter. The cold weather can expand and contract the rubber and cause cracks that can easily develop into blown tires. Standard tire protectant like those used in auto detailing can go a long way to making sure this doesnt happen. Tires are obviously an important part of the aircraft, and regular 3-4 month application of tire protectant can help keep them from cracking.