Reason’s to fly to Nantucket Airport

Reason’s to fly to Nantucket Airport

Nantucket is a beautiful place, theres no arguing that. If you’re an aviator in the New England area I’d be suprised if you’ve never made the trip over to the island. However if you’ve never made the flight here’s a few reason’s that a day trip to Nantucket is a fun idea:

1. The Food: Right at the airport is a great restaurant called Crosswinds. The few times I’ve eaten at Crosswinds its been incredible. Its located right inside the airport so simply land, put your plane on a tie-down and go grab a bite. I recommend the Fish & Chips. Cant go wrong with that.

2. Everything’s close enough to bike:  Located at the airport is a bike rental service. If you’re not in the mood to go through the hassle of renting a car, renting a bike is a great way to see the island. Seeing as everythings so close you can literally bike anywhere you need to go if you have the energy. Biking into town takes only 15 minutes and you wont be dissapointed with the sites on the way.

3. The view: Flying over the ocean into Nantuckets airport is a beautiful experience. The airport is located directly ajacent to Nobadeer beach and coming into land is a truly beautiful experience. If you’re flying in the summer you might even fly directly over some young adults partying on the beach. Nobadeer is infamous for its summer beach parties.


3 Must-Have Products for Aircraft Cleaning

3 Must-Have Products for Aircraft Cleaning:

There are many products that can be used for aircraft detailing; however having a basic few items will allow you to maintain your aircraft by yourself with continual use. Out of the dozens of products that we use for aircraft cleaning we’ve narrowed it down to 3 must-have products for aircraft cleaning:

1 . Supreme Glaze Wax:

Wax is the most important product for maintaining your aircraft’s exterior paint. Jetstream’s Supreme Glaze is a great aircraft wax. It reasonably priced and, when used 3-4 times per year, will keep your aircrafts paint clean and protected all year. Whether hand waxing or machine polishing aircraft wax is a must-have for any aircraft owner


2. Plexi-Clear Window Polish:

Window cleaner is important for many reason, mainly so you can see out of your windows without bugs, grease and scratches blinding your view. After each flight a simple wipedown with Plexi-Clear will ensure that your windows are in pristine condition for the next flight. And like with most aircraft cleaning products, cleaning the windows after each flight will prevent buildup and make cleaning much easier


3. Leather Cleaner & Conditioner:

Perrone makes great aviation leather cleaners and conditioners. Aircraft leather is subject to the same problems as auto leather. UV rays can crack the leather and cause it fade. Fixing cracks and rips in leather can be very expensive to fix. Because leather was once a living thing, its important to keep it cleaned and especially conditioned. The conditioner enables the leather to keep a vibrant feel and prevent it from fading and cracking in the strong UV rays


I hope this short list give you ideas of the products to keep with you for each flight. Like everything in aircraft cleaning and maintenance regular use is the key. Keeping on top of aircraft cleaning enables  you to maintain your aircraft’s appearance through all seasons. For more product info visit our store on our site at

3 Tips to Maintaining Your Aircraft This Winter

3 Tips to Maintaining Your Aircraft This Winter


Maintain the appearance of your aircraft is tough, especially if you keep in cold climate areas like the northeast. The salt air, the cold

harsh conditions, and snow buildup can severely damage your aircarft; especially if kept outdoors on a tie-down. There are some precautionary measures you can take to better maintain your aircraft during these harsh times

1. Hand or Machine Wax the paint: 

This is the most crucial part of maintaining the aircraft’s paint. Machine or hand waxing the paint is recommended every 4-5 months depending on usage. If you keep your aircraft outside on a tie-down I’d suggest every 3-4 months. Waxing the paint keeps it protected from UV rays and prevents oxidation (the cloudy look). It also makes it easier to clean off salt bugs and tar once a protective layer of wax is sealing the top of the paint.


2. Machine Polish the Metal:

Not all aircrafts have exterior metal surfaces, but those that do require regular attention. Aircraft with a metal “spinners” or corporate jets with metal on the leading edges can be polished and protected. Machine polishing the metal with either Skai Metal polish or Nuvite is a great start. Once polished products like Jetstreams “Mirror-Image” removes swirls and provides a protective layer. Metal, like paint, can easily become oxidized and requires continual attention.


3.  Rubber Protection:

Protecting the rubber on the tires is also important during winter. The cold weather can expand and contract the rubber and cause cracks that can easily develop into blown tires. Standard tire protectant like those used in auto detailing can go a long way to making sure this doesnt happen. Tires are obviously an important part of the aircraft, and regular 3-4 month application of tire protectant can help keep them from cracking.