Tips for Cleaning and Conditioning Aircraft Leather

Cleaning and Conditioning Aircraft Leather

Here are a few steps to cleaning and conditioning aircraft leather in order to keep it at a high quality.

Protect your aircraft leather with these easy steps:
1. Buy a quality leather conditioner and cleaner.You will want cleaner and conditioner that protects against harmful UV rays. The leather on your seat is often under constant attack from UV rays that can damage the leather if left untreated for too long. UV rays are what give you sunburn, and essentially the same thing happens to your leather seat while you are flying. Prolonged UV damage will result in cracking and fading. Remember that leather was once a living thing, so protecting it from sun damage is very important to keep its integrity secure. You will need a conditioner that essentially acts as sunscreen for your leather. This is crucial to preserving a quality leather seat and interior, and preventing the leather from losing value quickly and easily. We recommend Perrone Aircraft Cleaner and Conditioner.

2. Clean spills quickly. Do not let your leather become wet for any extended period of time. The water will seep into leather slowly and sit on the surface, which will lead to damage if left for too long. Prevent water damage such as swelling and fading by promptly drying the surface of aircraft leather so that no water can compromise its structure in any way.

3. Get yourself a sturdy brush to grind out tough stains. A good brush can be hard to find, but in order to effectively scrub out deeply ingrained stains in the pores of aircraft leather, you will need a brush that has strong enough fibers to dig deep into the contours of leather. A brush with a strong handle is preferred as well. For example, a brush with a wooden back is easy to handle and used to scrub into the root of the stain in your leather.

4. Get the right cleaning agent for what you need. If your leather seat has ink blotches, you will need a different cleaner to quickly and effectively clean your seat than if you had the beginnings of simple wear and tear. A conditioner may be used to combat further normal sun damage, but it will not necessarily get rid of that ink stain. There are many cleaning products made especially for the purpose of removing ink from leather. Know specifically what you typically clean off of your leather, and find the appropriate product aimed at solving your unique problem. Perrone also makes a great ink stain remover. Just be sure to get to the stain quickly before it sinks deeper into the top-coat.

By using these simple tips, your aircraft leather seat will look as good as new and will resist future damage. Proper regular care is the main important tip. Keeping your aircraft leather in good condition only requires a few moments of diligence every day. With these tips, your leather will shine for a long time.